The windscreen is a vital part of the car as it protects you from the elements and provides protection when a collision occurs. A crash or an object impacting your windscreen may cause cracks, scratches or holes.

At One Stop Auto Ltd, we provide windscreen repair in Hamilton to keep you safe on the road and to retain your car’s look before the damage had occurred. We assess the degree of damage and provide the best possible solution.

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Windscreen Repair

Our team of experts fixes cracks or scratches on your windscreen. Our proven methods get the job done to restore the look of your car.

Headlight Restoration

Full functioning headlights reduce the risk of accidents, especially when driving at night. Damage to these puts you in danger; we restore headlights so that you can drive safely at night.

Windscreen Stone Chip and Long Crack Windscreen Repairs

Long cracks and stone chips are unsightly damages to your car, and also reduce visibility while driving. Our specialists repair these types of windscreen damage to restore your car’s look.

Windscreen Scratch Repair

A scratch on your windscreen reduces its ability to absorb impact, and may completely shatter with another collision or hit by a stray object. We repair scratches on your windscreen using our top-secret, exclusive techniques.

Windscreen Replacement

Sometimes the extent of the damage to your windscreen is too much for a normal repair. In such cases, we advise our customers to have their screen replaced instead. We provide excellent windscreen replacement in Hamilton services and products to satisfy our customers’ different needs.

Side and Rear Glass Repair

Damage to side and rear glass reduces the aesthetic appeal of your car and may also lead to injuries. We provide the service you need to restore the rear and side glass of your vehicle.