Auto refinishers can repair and paint small areas such as scratches, scuffs and chips without having the hassle to repair the whole area. Technicians can localise a repair required and restrict the work done to the smallest possible area. This enables less time needed and fewer materials are used, which always means a lower price and less time taken for every repair.

The most common kind of damage are Stone chips particularly  on cars that clock up a lot of mileage on the road. Stone chip damage is very small and overlooked accepting it as inevitable. But correcting stone chip damage with the correctly matched paint can make a dramatic difference to the appearance of your car, especially on dark coloured paintwork which is more noticeable.

Damage such as small scrapes and scuffs can often be rectified without the need for filling, priming and spraying. At times the   damage is moderate and can be cleaned off or polished out.

Damage is caused by people who have hit curb stones while parking, or run over road debris, damaging the seals and underside sections of the car. These areas are not as noticeable as the main body panels.

The damage can be corrected by colouring the effected area, protecting it from corrosion. When a cars body work has been damaged with scratches it is sometimes possible to fill the scratch with many layers of paint. This will depend on the colour of the paintwork, position and the severity of the damage. While not invisible, this is a very cost effective way of dealing with some kinds of damage.

Small to medium car body repairs can be repaired relatively quickly but damage to some body panels or larger areas of damage require more attention.

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