Our cost-effective repair service for minor dents makes your car look great again. Our paintless dent repair gets rid of minor dings and dents from your vehicle’s body panels without filling and repainting.
Even small dents can devalue the car by many hundreds of dollars. Not only is Paintless Dent repair far quicker, it means huge savings and can work out up to 70% cheaper than a body shop repair.

paintless dent repair before and after

Remove Dents Without Painting

Paintless dent removal is perfect for storm damage, hail stone dents, dings encountered in the supermarket car park, wheelie bin dents and wind damage. Many dents can be removed completely in a relatively short period period of time and extremely cost effective.

Other dents are possible to improve them to the point where they are far less noticeable meaning you can avoid the cost of repainting the panel.

How we remove dents without filling or repainting.

Paintless dent removal techniques are skillfully performed by using metal levers to massage out dents from behind body panels. The dent is pushed out so there is no need for filling or repainting ensuring that you keep your original paintwork finish. Although the procedure can’t be used on large metal dents with a broken paint surface the results of paintless repair to smaller dents prove to be a very cost effective repair solution. 

Minor dings and dents ruin the aesthetic appeal of your car. Let us provide you with quality paintless dent removal in Hamilton. Our proven technique gets rid of ugly dings and dents on your vehicle body panels without painting or use of filling.

Minor dents devalue a vehicle by hundreds of dollars, especially if you have plans of selling your car. Paintless dent repair is not only quicker, it also costs less compared that in a body shop.

If you want your car to look swanky again, get rid of those dents and dings that ruin its image with our paintless dent repair service.